“As It Stands”

The Juliana Theory

Everything I have in my head

It begins to fade away

I search for it, I long for it

And now I know it’s gone

Everything has slipped away

I’m so overwhelmed

Everything that rests upon my shoulders fell

I would like to tell anyone who has depended on me for themselves,

“I’m sorry.”

And everyone I’ve held in my arms

I believe I pushed away

I would be there if I could be there

But as it stands, I’m gone

Everyone has slipped away

And don’t be overwhelmed

Everyone that loved me more than I could tell

“I’m sorry.”

There’s a private hell for anyone who lives to only love themselves

Everyone has slipped away

Everyone has slipped away

Everyone has slipped away

Everything has slipped away.

Pure goodness. What are you waiting for? Buy it.

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