I need a public opinion.

I have several on-campus student employment options at Bethany Bible College.

They are the following:

Bookstore Clerk – to assist in all aspects of the bookstore operation including sales, cash, cleaning, inventory control, etc.

Computer Lab Monitor – supervise the use of the computers during lab hours.

Janitor – Dusting, cleaning the floors and washrooms, the collection/removal of garbage, etc.

Library Worker – to assist with various aspects of the library.

Mail Delivery – deliver and pick up mail. Must have use of a vehicle. I won’t have that use, so ignore this one.

Office Worker – to assist in various aspects of office operations.

Security – unlock college buildings in the morning and lock up at night checking doors, windows and thermostats.

Cafeteria Cashier – collection of appropriate funds for meals served plus maintaining accurate records.

Cafeteria Server – serving the noon and evening meals plus some cleanup duties.

Concession Worker – serving/preparing various snack foods plus some cleanup duties. Responsible for the collection of funds and maintaining accurate records.

Dishwasher – washing all dishes/silverware after every meal plus cleanup of tables, waste and dish washing area.

Pot Washer – washing all pots and pans after the noon and evening meals plus cleanup of the pot washing area.

Mopper – cleaning the floors in kitchen/cafeteria area.

Which do you recommend? Which do you think I should express interest? Help a girl out.

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