No matter how hard I try, I just can’t stay away…

Yet another not-well-thought-out post:

I had an excellent talk with Ryan tonight. It was about time, too, because I haven’t talked to that kid (or any of the Bethany kids) for well over a week now. This long-distance communication thing is becoming emotionally draining. Most of my friends are at this school and the majority of them I’ve never technically met before. Yes, very odd indeed.

Hello special people, Ryan and Kate, who I’ve actually had physical contact with! Hugs are an amazing thing, aren’t they?

Long-distance communication isn’t just tedious with the kids from Newbie but also with friends closer to home, but just not close enough. Steph in Tacoma. Leah in Langley. Evan (although we’re not as close as we used to be…) in Indiana. All people I love dearly, all people that require a long-distance plan.

Indeed, Jets, down with money. I put $10 on my phone card tonight. I used up nearly half of it. There’s just no way around this–money sucks and I will spend my life managing it and using it.

Well then, it comes down to this and in the amazing scheme of things, this is all that matters:

I have God.

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