Random post consisting of unedited thoughts:

I’ve decided to just write without thinking or trying really hard to be creative or anything of the sort. Sometimes, when you take those English classes, your teacher will say, “I want you to write without thinking for this-many-minutes. Just let your pencil touch paper and don’t think. If all you do is write ‘I don’t know what write…’ then that’s fine. Just so long as you’re writing. So go.”

So here I go. I’m writing. What to write? What to write? Sometimes it’s hard to be creative on the spot. Most of the time, I have to premeditate on things and make sure when it comes out, it’s totally awesome and fun and entertaining. I was thinking last night about how cool it would be to get published. Or if I died or something and my parents went through my room and found my journals. Or the books I’ve written to friends. Prayer journals and the like. There’s so much. What would they do? There would be an entire Carly series, and most of it would be garbage. Seriously, most of it is unfinished stuff. Screenplays and ideas. Most of the time, I never complete them. I jot them down and then my mind becomes so cluttered with ideas, I can’t think straight and then I never finish. It’s quite sad really.

Anyways, got distracted. Totally lost where I was going. Now I have to start all over. What to write? What to write? Ok, so I was thinking about my friends and how I love them and how I care about them and how much I wish we could all live in one big house and eat breakfast together every morning and play games all day, like one big family. Except, none of us would have to work or make money and all we would do all day is talk about stuff and hang out. It would be the grandest life ever. Except of course, everyone would want to eventually get married and then there might be lots of drama and such and that’s not cool…

Ok, like I said. When I don’t premeditate this stuff, I totally write randomly. It drives me nuts. I feel so boring. In fact, I know this must be boring. So I’m going to stop. Besides, it’s been five minutes now, and I figure if I was in an English class right now, it’s about now that my teacher would say, “Ok, find a place to stop and perhaps we can have some volunteers read what they wrote…” And I guarantee that none of what I have written here just now would be something I’d read aloud.

So boring.

Later, all.

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