Wow. Guitar. Can’t get the word out of my mind. And because I’ve been so emotional about it lately, I’ve been outpouring lyrics. It’s amazing what pure emotion can do to a person. I’m probably being obsessed, but if you want to get better at something, I think it requires quite a deal of dedication and a smidgen of obsession. I even used my 1/2 hour lunch period during school today to practice in the back of my car. It’s a mitsubishi Montero, so lots of room in the back, yes? Maybe I’m pushing myself too hard.


I can’t push myself too hard at something I’m so crazy about. I mean, can you push yourself too hard into getting to know God? Can you spend too much time and become too obsessed with devoting yourself to Jesus? I think not. However, it is important to keep priorities straight. God first. Guitar second. Amongst other things, I know, but those are the key ones right now.

Would you like an official jeffersonairplane pillow or a blanket? How about some relientK tunes to listen to as you wait?…

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