Kate‘s blog has reminded me of a fresh, new concept for the second time tonight. The first time I heard about it, it came from Luke when we were on the phone several nights ago. Luke is a guy who’s face I can only imagine when he’s telling a story. You know that part in the Bible when Jesus and his disciples are all sitting around a campfire (or something like that) and the disciples decide to ask Jesus who’s gonna be “best” in Heaven? You know what I’m talking about? Well, Jesus basically takes a child onto his knee or into his lap and he tells the disciples they must humble themselves and submit to God like a child. I wish I knew the passage, but I don’t have one of those reference Bibles and it would take me a good while to find it. My point is, Luke fits. That passage–it’s Luke. He’s childlike and has a sense of wisdom I refuse to take for granted. If you’ve never had a conversation with a child under the age of seven, I highly recommend you have one. And when you do, ask them for their opinion about something important, like the subjects of love and of God. If you actually listen, you’ll notice that the young minds usually have a clearer understanding of those things more so than anyone who has had years of experience and world influence. Now Luke is no seven-year-old. In fact, I believe he’s older than I am. Nonetheless, his developed way of observing things through such a young and wonderous perception is one I wish I had.

Now with Kate, whose friendship I’ve started to treasure. We spent about two hours together but have not stopped communicating since and it’s been so much fun. She blesses my heart. I can hardly wait to spend one-on-one time with her, asking her ridiculous amounts of questions about everything she knows and what she thinks about certain things. She, like Luke, has a childlike understanding of many things. “Whoa.”

These two people are the reasons why I’ve decided to take this concept into consideration.

The concept is this:

Every morning, while I’m taking a shower or brushing my teeth, I will choose a theme for the day. It can be pretty much anything. Usually it has something to do with character development. Whether it be kindness, patience, love, hope, or something else you may not have considered, like smiling, laughing, or being creative. I will come up with something and it will become my focus. You might be asking, “How about God? Shouldn’t He be your focus everyday?” But you must understand, all those things I listed–they’re all things I connect with God. No matter what, God is on my mind. He’s in my thoughts and I think about Him and talk to Him all day long. Of course, He’s my focus. However, there are pieces of Him that I need to improve in myself. And that’s what I’m getting at…

All of this has taken me well over an hour to write out. I apologize for the bad grammatics. Normally, I make more sense… At least, I’d like to think so.

This is just one of those badly written good thoughts. Enjoy.

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