Blogger Ryan-style:

57 days, Ryan. After today, it’ll be 56 days. That’s exactly eight weeks, which is exactly two months.

And I wasn’t kidding about the blindfold thing either. I will do exactly that. You know I will.

I realize your biased about hugging me first, but I think you should come up with something better than that. Seriously now…

It’ll definitely be an amazing moment when I arrive there, eh? I was thinking about it, and just imagining it makes me giddy.

I figure I’ll have my blindfold on, but at the same time, I’ll have my video-camera rolling, so later when we watch the tape, I’ll (sorta) see what I missed while having a red bandana pulled tighty across my eyes. No doubt, watching the tape will be a bit rough… Without my eyes, it’s hard to hold the camera absolutely still and in the right position… You know what I mean.

You can count on me to video-tape the entire time I’m there. I’ll come home with priceless memories that I can watch over and over again to my little heart’s content. Oh yes… And my digital camera. I’ll be sure to fill that thing up, as well as two or three disposable cameras.

I think you’re bringing just the right people to the airport too. You, Luke, Kate, and Jets. Ah… but which of you will remove the blindfold. I’ll let you think about that one and decide for yourselves who would be the best one to “do the honors.” Shoot, for all I know, you may decide to leave the blindfold on me until we get back to Bethany.

By the way, how long is the drive back there? Road trips with friends are the best, aren’t they?

Remind me to bring some Canadian dollars to pay Jets for the gas. No doubt it’s gonna cost to drive all the way out there.

Can you believe this is happening? I’m really struggling with the whole idea… I never thought you teasing me about going to Bible school would actually be God whispering in my ear about certain opportunities. You know how much I denied it, too! I hated it whenever you teased me about going there and I think it was because I didn’t want to believe God wanted me anywhere but Victoria. It’s amazing how some innocent teasing can change someone’s life plans… That’s God for you, though. He’s always doing that!

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