Talk about a day of stress and trials only to result in an amazing day of answered prayers.

Ryan’s little brother with the heart problem was rushed to the hospital this morning because his aeorta (in his heart) burst. He went in for open heart surgery and went in again afterwards (for reasons still to be known) for a bypass surgery. I just finished talking with one of Ryan’s dormmates (and my good friend) Luke who said as far as he knew, little (theoretically speaking…) brother Brent is doing just fine. Praise God # 1.

About two hours prior to my conversation with Luke, I was reading Ryan’s blog in hopes to read any update on Brent. However, it only provided more stress. You see, apparently Ryan’s other dormmate (and one of my closest friends) John Jetchick was told he was getting “the boot” from Bethany Bible College due to the fact his high school transcript revealed he was lacking 1 credit. Valevictorian of his class, Jetchick is told unless he earns that 1 credit by 3:30 pm tomorrow, he will be forced to leave the institution. What does the kid do? He goes online, signs up for the credit he needs, writes about three papers, two essays, and I’m sure quite a bit of other important pieces of homework, sends them to an online professor, and will get results of his classwork within the week. He completed an entire online course in a period of two hours. Praise God # 2.

How do these things happen?

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