As of today, three very important friends have officially left for their next school term.

Leah to Trinity Western University.

Stephanie to Pacific Lutheran University.

Ryan to Bethany Bible College.

Hmm… I’m noticing a “christian” pattern within the schools. It makes me question whether or not I should be going to a public non-Christian school, such as the University of Victoria. Thus far, it seems to be the right thing. However, if I am rejected, I will definitely rush to God’s front door and bang on it obnoxiously until He tells me where I need to go next.

At the end of January, I’ll be opening for my friends in their band Red Virginia and I am really excited about it. Even though New Year’s Eve did not go as I had hoped, I am still stoked about the show. This is going to be an eventful month. Turning 19 on the 16th. My first show with some killer friends. Taking 20 credits yet again at Cascadia. I only hope and pray that I can maintain a managable stress level. Last quarter, I nearly lost it. Credit to that is the “1.0” attained in my English class. Oy… I still struggle with that.

God continues to work in me. Sometimes, His presence isn’t felt as strongly as I’d like, but knowing that He’s there is the most comforting thing I’ve ever experienced. I am reminded since most of my closest friends have left this weekend that God is who I should be relying on at all times. My devotion needs to be solely His. It’s such a hard thing to do–to depend only on God when there are people who are flesh and tangible–but I know if I do have that dependence, my life will be all the better.

So… In the famous words of Pepe the King Prawn:

“Would you hurry up and finish reading this thing, okay?”

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