Today started early. Awaked by the loud, head-shattering sound of an alarm clock, screaming, “eeiiiiiiaa!!!! eeiiiiiiaa!!!!” repetitively. Forced out of sleep, I reached for the phone and dialed Ryan’s number.

“Good morning,” he was tired, but chipper as usual.

“Good morning. You awake?” I managed to mumble.

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Ok, call me when you’re on your way, ok?”

“Sure thing. Toodles.”

We spent our morning hours passing over the tiles of Pike Place Market, admiring all of Seattle’s wonders and beauties. Ryan bought me some interesting pastries, including a bag full of smallish doughnuts that were extremely delicious. We made our way to this cool tree preservatory where we stood on a bridge covered in wet, slippery moss. I thought of Leah when I saw the puddles, three to four inches deep, and realized that extreme puddle jumping on a stone bridge would be very fun and intense. However, I couldn’t bring myself to leap, simply because I wasn’t in the mood for a soaked pair of chuck’s. Afterwards, we passed through the doors of Guitar Center and admired all the pretty things and fun toys. I bought new guitar strings–desperately needed–and Ryan bought some amazing headphones for lots of money and I wished I could spend the cash on a Fender Telecaster, but I got scared and ran away.

We drove home. We sang to Jimmy Eat World.

I’m going to miss him when he goes away…

Now would be a great time to start singing Oasis’ “Don’t Go Away.” Oh! Speaking of which… Time for a guitar lesson.

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