A wonderful Christmas was had by all yesterday. I was very relaxed and lounged around on the couch in my pj’s for the majority of the day.

Mom and dad gave me the digital camera that once belonged to my sister. She only used it once, so it’s practically knew. It can hold up to about 360 pictures on one memory card, so I’ve been snapping random things here and there and it’s be cool. Ryan tried to hit me a couple times after I tried taking some shots of him at the mall. He’ll be happy to hear that none of them turned out–it was too dark. He liked the sparkly gel pens I got him for Christmas though. He used the terms “yay!” and “sweet!” so I figure they were a good gift.

Now I am waiting for the kids’ parents to come home so Leah and I can leave for our downtown, late-night walk. Likely we will do lots of random things and she will listen to me rant about unimportant subjects. Good night all!

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