I remember in July when we were all waiting to have lunch (or it might have been right after lunch…) and I was sitting on the pop cooler, goofing around with my guitar to pass the time. I was in Creation Fest mode. Be quiet and listen. Play and look like you’re good at it. Be witty and fun. Smile and laugh.

So while I sat there, strumming and listening to everyone else’s conversations, I see these two guys approach. Nathan is a tall, dark-haired guy with a beautiful face and extremely soothing voice. His hair stands straight up naturally and when he looks at you, it’s like looking into the eyes of a two-year-old during his first visit to the circus. Alex is a shaggy-haired, dirty blonde with the most attractive smile I’ve ever seen. He is extremely good-looking (though he won’t admit to it), his brown eyes are hypnotizing, and his laugh is infectious. They are two of the most amazing people I have ever met and it makes me giddy when I realize I can say the words, “They are my friends.”

I miss them both so much. They live in Medford, Oregon and that’s a fair distance away. I hope it’s not a full year before I see them both again. Once again, it is confirmed that my inspiration lies in the existance of my friends…

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