It’s after 4:30 in the morning now and I am here with Ryan sitting next to me, both typing away at our blogs and emails. Funny to think that he was over 3000 miles away only two days ago. Now he is here, in the flesh, and I’m quite impressed by his maturity. He’s grown immensely since leaving for Bible college. God is going to use him for amazing things. I know it.

I love the stories he tells about New Brunswick, “the barren wasteland,” quickly adding how “frozen” it is as well. All the people he talks about sound so cool, I’ve been considering buying an airplane ticket to fly to this so-called “wasteland” and meet the people who inhabit the place. Springbreak. I suppose it won’t be so frozen then. I’m nearly positive I want to. However, I will wait patiently for a clear “GO” signal. Likely because I really don’t like airplanes. Flying is fun. Take offs are great. Landings are even better. It’s the airplane I don’t trust… They’re so sly.

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