I feel inspired. For the last… five days or so… I feel touched. By someone so great, it’s amazing to think God actually thought them up and put those wonderful thoughts into solid form.

However, I need to remember everyone in my life, all thought up by God, all loved by God, all created by God, all able to offer me amazing pieces of themselves which I so willingly take for granted. I need to acknowledge them in their strikingly beautiful existance.

I’m so happy to be living. To know the people I know. To see the people I see. To learn from them. To talk to them. Just learning from them daily. They make my life so incredible… It’s difficult piecing the right words together, trying to describe…

Most recently, I ask God what He is thinking up next. I wonder where He is going to take me. Who is this I’ll meet? Who is that person I will know? Yes, that person will teach me. That person will listen to me. And I will once more be shocked and humbled that God is the only One who can think to make such a person with this amazing heart, inspiring words, and unmoveable faith.

God continues to remind me of how much I have yet to learn…

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