I have this movie-like scene replaying itself over and over in the theater that is my mind. Disclaimer: the following never happened.

It’s a park. There’s a small open baseball field on one side and a field of freshly cut grass with a few trees on the other. A gravel path cuts between the two, where bikers and joggers pass through. I see myself, bundled in a dark blue sweatshirt with a lengthy scarf wrapped loosely around my neck. I’m smiling and laughing and running about back and forth across the grass in a girlish frenzy to get away. The only other person, a guy whose face I don’t recognize is dressed in jeans, a black jacket, and gloves, chases after me playfully. I turn suddenly, challenging his pursuit. He stops for a moment, presses his feet firmly into the earth, and stretches out both arms, accepting my challenge. The look in my eyes reminds me of when I was five years old, captivated by the newest toy by Playschool that I never thought could exist. Laughing outright, I run at him in a daring attempt to blow passed him and reach the other side. However, I’m overjoyed when his arms are closed quickly around me. He holds me tightly as I pretend to struggle to leave his grasp. I scream with pleasure and he says something I’ve already forgotten. I trip over my own feet and fall to the ground. He follows me, continuing the wrestling match. Somewhere in the midst of the fall, I’ve dropped the frisbee for which he was after me in the first place. Still on my back, I look above me and see it lying just out of reach. I extend my right hand and try to touch the frisbee’s curled edge. He sees me and quickly pins my right arm to the ground with his left hand. I shout, “No! That’s not fair!” and push my left hand against his chest, pretending I want him to get off of me. He grabs my left wrist with his other hand and presses it also to the ground. I continue to protest while he smiles at the fact that I’m pinned and could not move to save my life. I start to laugh as I feel my body begin to submit. Suddenly, I think about how red my nose and cheeks must be and hope I still look pretty cute, even with a little dirt smudged across my jawline. After my giggles dissipate, I suddenly realize he’s still smiling at me and he still has me completely immobilized on the dewey grass. He leans in and kisses me. After a moment’s shock, I close my eyes. All I can think about is how warm his lips are. He releases my arms and puts his hands against my face. I wrap my arms around his neck and in just a few seconds, the cold has left my body…

If I’m this much of a hopeless romantic in the middle of December, what will I be thinking about next February, the love month?

You’d think from what is written above that I’ve actually kissed a guy before… I only know from what I’ve seen in movies and from friends. Sad, eh?

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