A list that can only be added to:

This is one of those ridiculous lists because it is hardly likely that God will give me a husband who meets all these qualites. I just hope he gets one or two of them. That would be great.

I want a husband who:

– makes me laugh every single day.

– enjoys cooking for me, especially when I’m sick.

– starts a pillow fight in order to get me out of bed.

– leaves me romantic notes around the house, especially in the least expected–like in the dishwasher.

– holds my hand, even while trying to drive.

– kisses me every single day.

– chases me around the house each time I steal the clothes he’s laid out for changing into after his shower.

– touches my face when I look up at him.

– falls asleep with one of the kids on his chest after watching a generous dose of “Veggie Tales.”

– likes having his picture taken.

– travels whenever he sees the opportunity to see a place he’s never been to before, and he takes me with him.

– plays the “horse” in the animal games he plays with the kids.

– will put the book he is currently reading down when he sees that I want him to kiss me.

– tries to eat healthy, but will indulge in a piece or two of fudge every Thanksgiving and Christmas.

– patient with me when I’m acting ridiculous.

– never leaves the house without telling me he loves me.

– has big, brown eyes.

– comes to me with the recent Bible verse he’s read and tells me why God has encouraged him.

– sings during worship.

– carries the kids on his shoulders, even when his back hurts.

– lets me fall asleep with my head and arm draped across his chest.

– cuddles with me and the kids during a loud storm, at night.

– wrestles with me and lets me pin him because he knows if he does…

– dances when there is no music.

– loves God.

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