We’re Going to San Juan!

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San Juan Island is located in the Puget Sound and one of my parents’ clients owns a vacation home there. We asked them if it was available during the days after our wedding and it is! We’ll be staying there for a week! An entire house all to ourselves! Everything has really worked out for us to have a pretty amazing wedding.

Most of the details have been worked out. There are a few minor things to be taken care of, but the major decisions have been made. The end result will be beautiful, as well as videotaped! So we’ll make sure anyone who wasn’t able to be at the wedding can watch it online.

We’ve already received a wedding present, even! From my Uncle Jerry in Texas, he bought us a really nice knife set from Crate&Barrel. It was such an exciting thing because at this point, I’m trying not to expect any gifts whatsoever. We’ve had so much given to us already, it would be selfish to expect any more. Nonetheless, the gift from Uncle Jerry was well-received and I know we’ll be putting them to good use.

We’re having a great time here. It will definitely be hard for us to leave. I almost feel as if we’ve had the chance to get back on our feet and remove some of the shadows that were hanging over our heads. My parents have really come to our rescue and given us a chance to make a fresh start. They love George and he loves them. It’s been really good for us both to be here.

I wish I had more to write about, like I did in the “good ol’ blogging days”, but it’s just not the same as it used to be. While I’ve noticed quite a few changes in my attitude since I’ve been here, that still doesn’t change how often I’m willing to write. I think it’s easier to write when I actually believe what I say is interesting. But I haven’t felt that way in ages. Maybe one day, I’ll think more of my opinions, but for now, I’m content to only speak or write when I feel something is worth mentioning.

It’s been a lot of fun here, though. George and I have visited Pike Place Market. We’ve also spent some time with Ryan and Sarah Wiedmaier, who flew in a few days ago. I’ve had time with Stephanie and I’ve seen Leah. Hopefully, we’ll all have more time to schedule together in a few days. I still need to get together with Amy, as well as a handful of others I haven’t seen yet. We still have another five weeks, though. So I’m certain we’ll make time.

I also have pictures I need to post on flickr, so keep a watchful eye. I’ll be posting them as I get them.

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