Sylvia+Derek / The Whole Story / Swing Dance Wedding at Willie Green’s Organic Farm

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How delightful this whole day was… It was wonderful to be back at Willie Green’s and to experience it anew with Sylvia+Derek. A big thank you to Rosanna for coming along to assist and capturing D while he got ready at home.

After this one, I’m of strong opinion that hiring a square dance band for your reception can make your guests laugh and smile until it hurts.

Venue – Willie Green’s Organic Farm in Monroe, WA
Makeup/Hair – Shyn Midili with Pacific Brides (killin’ it, per usual)
Catering – Herban Feast
Tables – Seattle Farm Tables
Cake – Regent Bakery
Florals – July Floral
DJ – Groundswell DJs
Square Dance Band – The Tall Boys

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