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Woodinville, WA.

This week has been one of phenomenal weather and glorious golden hours. I’m making the most of every good weather day we have right now…

So things have been a little slow around the blog lately. Not that there isn’t lots to share with you! George and I are actually embarking on a new adventure and started apartment hunting! We see our first apartment tomorrow morning. And then we’re off to San Francisco on Monday for an awesome “workcation” where I’ll be participating in the newest workshop called Visual Supply Co.. Afterward, we’ll stick around for a few days to celebrate our four years of marriage (our anniversary was on the 4th), exploring SF and eating food we probably shouldn’t. Then I’m off to Oakland to join Kristen Marie, yet again, to second another awesome backyard wedding. We’ll return the morning of Sunday, August 14th.

Communications may be hit or miss this week. The best way to reach me will be via email but I may not be able to respond as quickly as I usually do. I’ll certainly do my best but this will be our first real vacation since we’ve been married, so I’m going to do my best to “disconnect” for the time we’re there. 😉

More of Stephanie+Jon after my return!

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