Shyn+D’Angelo / The Whole Story / Magical Backyard Wedding in Olympia

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Shyn is my very special friend and you’ve seen her work all over my website because she’s been the talented hair and makeup artist behind many of my brides. So when she and her long-time boyfriend got engaged, you can imagine what an honor it was when she asked me to photograph their wedding. We were invited in equal parts as photographers and as guests, so for the first time in my career, I actually gave an impromptu toast to the couple myself! There’s a first for everything.

This day was like a warm, fuzzy blanket around my heart. So much joy…

Venue – Backyard of a house rental in Olympia, WA
Shyn’s Dress – Kimmi Designs
Bouquet & Boutonniere – Geneva Diane Designs (my personal favorite!)
Bridesmaid & Groom’s Mom’s Headpieces – Boring Sidney Hats¬†on Etsy
Catering – By the groom
Beer – Home brewed by the groom’s uncle

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