Meet Reagan!

Babies like to eat their own fingers for some reason…
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This is my three-month-old niece who I spent much of my time with over spring break. George and I flew to Seattle for a week and relaxed with my family for an entire week. Without school or work on our minds was a great relief and I enjoyed every minute of it.

As you can plainly see, Reagan has signature “Bishop” blue eyes and looks a lot like her aunty! But of course, she is my sister’s daughter and I have no claim to passing on that beautiful gene! Isn’t she gorgeous, though?!

Meanwhile, George and I have since returned “home”, back to school and back to work. We weren’t able to visit with everyone we would have liked to while in Seattle, but I was so glad to have all that time with my family.

It was also a delightful experience to see my parents after having lost a grand total of 27 pounds! They were thrilled with my progress and my mom even took me shopping for some new clothes. And to my surprise, I fit perfectly into a size 10 pair of jeans which I haven’t done since I was about 14 years old…

So it’s been a very happy last couple of weeks. I am anxious about school and dying to graduate in the here and now. I know I’ll get there eventually, it just feels like an eternity.

Hope you enjoy this little update. I hope some people are still reading. I always enjoy writing here. I don’t know if I’ll ever really stop…

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