Johnson Family | Edmonds, WA

I’m passionate about photography (obviously) but I’m also passionate about sharing it with others. Thus, having the chance to share photography with a large group of people, like those from the EastLake Growth Group I recently joined, has been so rewarding. I love being part of something that encourages people in something they love to do, teaching them, and simply sharing our stories.

Often, I’m reminded that I used to think being a Christian meant I had to use my gifts to raise awareness to all the injustice in the world. Like I had to go out and find where the sad people are so that I can tell their stories and teach people of their existence. But then I realized that just as important as telling the stories of those who otherwise cannot, are the stories that exemplify the joy, love, and enthusiasm that comes from living! Which is what I believe I was made to do.

So here are a few photos from one such family that has lots of enthusiasm! With so many other photographers around taking their picture, I was so impressed with their ability to just relax and be themselves. They didn’t hold back at all and were a lot of fun to photograph.

Here are some of the ones I took. You’ll notice the last half of the images were processed in B&W and while I do love the occasional B&W photo, I don’t typically do so many images this way. However, I was really enjoying the look, so I went with it.

Everyone, hard at work. A great day. 🙂

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