John+Brittany / The Whole Story / Funky Seattle Wedding at the Woodland Park Zoo

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John+Brittany are funky and fun and I could seriously hang out with them and never ever get tired of it. We laughed so much on their wedding day and I was blown away by all the amazing elements they incorporated. Like it’s not enough to get married at the zoo, Brittany was still sewing (and hot gluing!) her gorgeous dress together when I arrived and then I saw those incredible shoes she wore. Then seeing John and all his groomsmen with their “animal print” ties and then listening to their vows, which were the lyrics from the classic 90s hit “I Swear” by All 4 One… Oh, and did you see the charming armadillo named “Eduardo” that graced us with his presence during the cocktail hour? I just won’t ever forget it!

J+B, thanks you SO much for having George and I come along for your wonderful, whimsical, most fun of days! You guys are so special and we just adore you!

Photography & Photobooth – Carly Bish Photography
Venue – Woodland Park Zoo
Dress – Brittany’s Mom’s wedding dress + three dresses from Good Will
Hair/Makeup – Swink Style Bar
Flowers – Pike Place Market
Caterer – Lancer Hospitality
Dessert – Street Treats

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