Jenn+Stephen+Twin Boys / Maternity in the Studio

SM_Branstetter-Maternity-8 SM_Branstetter-Maternity-9 SM_Branstetter-Maternity-20 SM_Branstetter-Maternity-22 SM_Branstetter-Maternity-29 SM_Branstetter-Maternity-37 SM_Branstetter-Maternity-39 SM_Branstetter-Maternity-42 SM_Branstetter-Maternity-43 SM_Branstetter-Maternity-52 SM_Branstetter-Maternity-55 SM_Branstetter-Maternity-57 SM_Branstetter-Maternity-129SM_Branstetter-Maternity-130 SM_Branstetter-Maternity-148 SM_Branstetter-Maternity-151SM_Branstetter-Maternity-149 SM_Branstetter-Maternity-155

Jenn+Stephen are pulling double duty because they’re expecting¬†twin boys! I am so excited for them and was thrilled to photograph their happiness at my studio in Ballard. Thanks for a wonderful mini shoot, guys! Can’t wait to meet the little dudes!

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