Jason+Heather / The Story / Beautiful Backyard Wedding in Sammamish, WA

On her wedding day, I first found Heather getting ready in the bathroom. When I asked her if I could get her anything, she laughed and replied, “Jason. I need Jason.” We chuckled at this, but it was clear, that’s all she wanted. To be back with Jason. Weddings are fast-paced and full of energy from all the people filing in and out of places, dropping things off, taking thing away… So when Jason+Heather’s wedding day finally arrived, it quickly dawned on them both that after this day, they would never have to spend another day apart. And they just… couldn’t… wait. Bless them both, though, because in the end, I think it was worth it.

Jason+Heather got married in the gorgeous backyard of her godparents in Sammamish. Complete with basketball court dance floor. If all I ever do for the rest of my life is shoot backyard weddings, I’d be the happiest wedding photographer that ever lived.

Big shout out to my girl Sonja, who was my ride and helped shoot the first part of the day!

Jason+Heather’s portraits are like woah.

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