Hit by the Reality Truck.

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I know I’ve already written today, but a little more never hurts…

I fully acknowledge that marriage, the wedding, and my future husband have stood at the forefront of my thoughts in the last several months. But I was thinking about things form another perspective today and everything seemed to hit me at once… I am never going to be alone again. Everything I have will be shared. The already small bathroom will feel that much smaller. Decisions will always be “joint” decisions. We will share a checking account. And the toughest of all–I will have no choice but to choose one side of the bed.

This is a HUGE deal. I really hope I’m able to cope with all these changes. I’m sure there are a lot more things to look forward to than fret over.

What really helps is knowing how others have coped with their own newlywed ambiguities. Like Seth and Arley Worley–they’re just one year into their marriage and they’re already expecting a baby!

Right now, I’m just worried about sharing a bed comforter!

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