Sometimes, I figure people must wonder why I don’t just pick up my stuff and go back home. Just about everyone knows (because I’ve let them know) that I really don’t like this area or the South in general. It’s nothing prejudiced. It’s mostly that I miss home and Seattle’s perfect weather, not to mention the fact that the majority of people in the Northwest are not Christian, and I miss that type of community. Out here, with over 400 churches in this one town alone, people just figure you must be Christian and if you’re not, well… Why aren’t you?

Okay, maybe I am a little prejudiced. Either way, I think my take stands on solid ground. I love the people here and I have made some very close friends whom I’ll keep for life, but generally speaking… This just isn’t where I’m supposed to end up.

But that’s what I have to emphasize. End up. I’m not going to end up here. This is only temporary. I’ll go to school, work my butt off, spend a semester in England, eventually finish and when that happens, who knows! I could go anywhere. Do anything. Of course, so long as it’s what God has planned. I’ve always done what I felt God was leading me to do and I’ve never gone wrong. I’ve been hurt and battered about, but it’s always been part of His plan in helping me grow and make me better. And people will call that a cop-out, that I’m wrong and crediting God for what appears to have been a regrettable decision is really naive, but I know how I feel about this and no one can change my mind.

I follow God’s lead with everything I do. And since that’s the case, I can never go wrong. Because He’s always led me into something even better than before.

Try it sometime.

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