Cassandra+PJ / Engagement in Wallingford and Discovery Park

SM_Cassandra-PJ-6 SM_Cassandra-PJ-13 SM_Cassandra-PJ-23 SM_Cassandra-PJ-24 SM_Cassandra-PJ-25 SM_Cassandra-PJ-26 SM_Cassandra-PJ-29 SM_Cassandra-PJ-31 Teaser-Cassandra-PJ--39SM_Cassandra-PJ-45 SM_Cassandra-PJ-46 SM_Cassandra-PJ-49 SM_Cassandra-PJ-56 SM_Cassandra-PJ-59 SM_Cassandra-PJ-60 SM_Cassandra-PJ-63 SM_Cassandra-PJ-67 SM_Cassandra-PJ-72 SM_Cassandra-PJ-75 SM_Cassandra-PJ-76 SM_Cassandra-PJ-80 SM_Cassandra-PJ-84 SM_Cassandra-PJ-90 SM_Cassandra-PJ-92 SM_Cassandra-PJ-94 SM_Cassandra-PJ-96 SM_Cassandra-PJ-97 SM_Cassandra-PJ-99 SM_Cassandra-PJ-102 SM_Cassandra-PJ-104 SM_Cassandra-PJ-105

This was such a fun day! Cassandra+PJ eloped to Vegas and are ┬áplanning a beautiful wedding celebration in Cle Elum next month. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to capture all the amazingness but the good news is, George will! Most of the frames in this set are George’s too. Can’t wait to see what he documents at Cassandra+PJ’s awesome party in just a few more weeks. Congratulations, you two! We couldn’t be happier for you both!

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