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I’m writing this in a state of pure bliss. There are circumstances which would have me frustrated, and in some way I am, but those feelings are taken over by the joy I have felt in the last 12 hours.

My roommates and I came up with a living system that seemed to work in the first week it was implemented. We worked out a way where all that needed to be done in the household would be assigned alternately each week. There are three jobs and they are 1) Bathroom, 2) Trash, and 3) Dishes. One of us is assigned to one of these each week. This week, it was my job to make sure trash was taken out. The person who takes out the trash also sweeps and mops the downstairs sometime before the week has lapsed.

I took the trash out and I’ve swept and mopped twice this week.


The bathroom has not been cleaned (yet) while I give my roommate the benefit of the doubt.

The dishes have not been done by anyone but George and myself. George has taken care of more dishes than either of my roommates and the one who was assigned to do them this week has hardly touched them at all.

I sweep, I mop, I empty the trash, I load and unload the dishwasher… George and I cleaned the refridgerator, in which some contents could not be identified due to their original abandonment. I pick up, organize, and maintain a clean household without the help of my roommates.

George does more housework in our house than either of the other two who live here.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my roommates dearly. They are my closest friends and I love living with them. But lately, the frustration has been building… So much so, that after George and I got off work last light (at midnight), I had no desire to go back to my house. For fear that I would rip someone’s head off, we decided to gather some pillows and blankets from my bedroom and camp out in the back of my Montero. We laid, bundled up under a clear night sky, talking about different things–things that make us happy–and in the midst of that time together, I realized I was the happiest I’d ever been with anyone in my life.

Hence the reason for my state of bliss.

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