Big Ass Party!

I’ll be honest. I really like phrases like “big ass” and “bitchin'” and everyone tells me they like that about me. So if that offends you, I’m not sorry. If you’ve taken the time to observe them, these phrases are extremely entertaining to say aloud.


My party is tonight! I had a great birthday on Tuesday with George, even though I may have had too much champagne (you would have laughed). Nonetheless, he bought me a bouquet of my favorite flowers (white lilies) and took me to the nicest restaurant in town. Our waiter treated us like royalty, informing us that the entire staff decided we were the “cutest couple of the evening.” We ate Caesar salad and had a strawberry shortcake desert (on the house) and reminisced over the day before. Oh! And George even managed to borrow our friend’s car for the night, which was a Volkswagen Cambrio convertible, the car of my dreams and the exact one from the infamous commercial that I first heard Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon.” Talk about a birthday present!

So yeah! It’s been an amazing week! And tonight is the party and I’m pretty sure a couple of people are making cakes. And there’s a fire pit and we’ll be enjoying that as well.

I’ll post pictures. I promise.

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