Entirely Gutted.

I won’t be getting the apartment… Apparently, the man who owns it is a big, fat crook who will look for any reason to sue you. And I simply won’t venture that way. His name is Joe V. Williams, III and he made an unruly call to me this morning at my work and chewed me out without even introducing himself first. I’d go into the whole long story, but it’s really not worth the time. I’m just so completely disappointed by the whole situation. It was the apartment. My apartment. Still is, in my opinion! And because of one lousy “rat’s ass” (as I put it earlier when I was fuming) who doesn’t care about anyone but himself, I won’t get it.

The thing is… He won’t get anyone else to take that apartment. There’s no way. By openly offending me, he’s lost a great tenant who pays all her bills on time, every time – something hard to come by these days. And just being honest, for someone like myself to desire a place like this is hard to come by! I know this is true!

But sorry. If he’s pissed off because my lease doesn’t include some bit about “court fees” (yeah! he half expects to take me to court already!) and refuses to authorize my residence unless I’m held completely responsible for those “court fees”, then there’s something chemically imbalanced in his tiny, chauvinistic, inheritance greedy brain.

Sorry, Junior. I don’t play your type of games.

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