Bah… Will the sloth-like pace of school never gain speed??

The amounts of homework I have had these last four weeks have been so much, I literally haven’t had any time to spare to see anyone I normally see everyday at school. I haven’t been to CRU in about five weeks and I haven’t really heard from anyone there either. Not seeing friends’ familiar faces or hearing their voices doesn’t quite add to the motivation needed to go see them.

I registered for my classes today. I signed up for two seperate Art courses, Geology 101 (remember, I failed it winter quarter?), and a 1-credit Business course. A total 16 credits.

Summertime fun.

On to other things… At the beginning of this school-year, I believed things would be different. Relationally. Romantically. And they have been. Because God assured me they would be. It’s been an interesting twist to my life. I’m not quite sure what to think about it anymore. All I know is that nothing has been ultimately successful… There have been good times. But nothing substantial has happened. Then again, perhaps I shouldn’t be thinking about anything long-term. I still want to finish all my schooling before I get married and I’ll be at least 22 or 23 by the time that happens. I suppose it’s just nice to have that company. Consistent. Local. Honest. Genuine. And someone who smiles. Thinking about who that could possibly be makes me smile despite myself.

If you like reading about this stuff, “stuff” being the romantic aspects of my life. Things may change eventually and you may see more of it. But when you do, the person it’ll be about won’t know the link to this page until the day he proposes. I would rather he know me for me than he come to jeffersonair. and fall for a pipedream he’s never even looked in the eyes before.

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